Seems like a long time since my last post – the Open Studio was a success in every way, lots of visitors, some known, some new. Lots of outcomes, cleared out a LOT of sketches, drawings, paintings etc, made a bit of space. Amazing how much STUFF a plan chest can hold!!  A few commissions too, and some delighted customers. But the most unexpected result was in how many people made requests and enquiries about classes, in short would I consider holding small classes here in my studio. After years and years of teaching students, the things I know can be of use to some others!!  I have in fact never QUITE lost the knack, having tutored various art groups, given workshops and talks over the years.  (And I do like doing this, only not full time, got to have painting time ! )  SO-OOOOOO……..I decided to do offer classes here, this is a link to what I am doing now……  And thanks again to everybody who helped make the Open Studio weekend really good….Image


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