First, a very Happy New Year, and thank you to all of you who have looked at my website, sent me messages, admired and/or bought my work and signed up for my classes – all much appreciated! This is not just a business, it’s what I spend most of my time thinking about in one way or another.  Sometimes working in my studio, sometimes just LOOKING at stuff. (even window-shopping means gathering ideas!) After years of this, the ideas just lodge themselves automatically and can often surface just when I need them. Don’t ask HOW this happens, I don’t know! Remembering a pattern or even an arrangement of objects or a costume becomes a habit ; even a set design in TV drama, in fact anything at all can act as a prompt towards making paintings…. And definitely, drawing with only half your attention whilst watching TV is an excellent idea – try it ! Again, no idea how this mechanism works, but probably my best compositions result from this “method”

So I look forward to working with new people- after years of teaching art, I really do know that I learn as much as my students do! Seeing how other people’s creativity works, how their ideas develop, I love being involved in that. 

And this year, we are planning another Open Studio. Last year’s was lots of work, successful too but above all, great fun to do – more posts about that as we proceed through 2014.

Thanks again everybody, and all the best of everything for 2014!!!! Jean & Ian


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