In the last year or two a number of videos featuring Jean’s work have been made.

They are collected here for your enjoyment. 

 This is a 13 minute long documentary about Jean’s artwork – her influences, motivation and her art practice.

A visual treat for anyone who is interested in Jean’s work.

Click on the Play button to enjoy. 

Jean Hall – Reflections on Making from Ian Henderson on Vimeo.


Jean Hall’s work included in the 1184 Argyle Street Picture Window exhibition. Follow this link for details,

NEW York Opening

Click on the play button in the window below to see a short preview of Jean’s recent exhibition opening in the prestigeous Broadway Gallery in New York City.

Apologies for the poor video quality – footage taken from a live stream source.


A major one person show by Jean Hall at Howden Park Centre, Livingston

From Friday 2nd September to Sunday 9th October 2011  

Just click on the play button to enjoy this visual treat.

To view a video of recent work by Jean click on the Play button below.


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